No strings attached. No minimum spend. Any night. Lobo will give you $10 towards your ride home using a taxi service of your choice - you can park for free in our parking lot over night. All we ask is that we see you using a taxi service to get you home safe!

Relax. Enjoy yourself. Arrive home safely.

Date Night (you've earned it) or Dinner with Friends (you've earned that too) or book a Party. Ten dollars will be taken off your bill or we will provide cash for your ride home - your choice.

We're going to try this for the month of June. If it's successful, Lobo will make this a standing offer.


Call 905-868-9777 or Book your Reservation Online

We LISTEN: $10 toward your ride home
We want you to have a GREAT time at Lobo

(a customer came up with this idea and we LOVE it!)