What is Paella?

A Paella is a classic rice dish that includes different combinations of vegetables and meats, and is seasoned with Saffron. The first Paellas were made with snails and rabbit. Our modern tastes lean more to Seafood, Chicken, and Vegetarian versions, and is Gluten-Free.

This dish is not spicy. If you would like a little flare, we can add to your Paella as it cooks, or put hot sauce on the side.  

Lobo uses rice imported from Spain. The rice is a short-grain, porous rice and will absorb both the flavours of the ingredients and the broth, making it slightly creamy.

Tuesdays: 1/2 price Paellas

"I was so surprised when we walked in the door! It is cozy, well decorated and the Spanish guitar playing and singing completed the ambience. Staff was very friendly, table by the fire was lovely and the food was far above expectations. How did I not know about this gem?" - TripAdvisor Review

Paella Sizes (average appetite): Small Feeds 2-3 pp; Medium Feeds 3-5 pp; and Large Feeds 5-6 pp

Add Chorizo Sausage, $5. *** Don't forget, Tuesdays are 1/2 Price Paella for dine in or take out!

Chicken and Vegetable                                            Seafood (Mussels, Shrimp, Calamari, Vegetables)

$50, Small                                                                $60, Small

$75, Medium                                                             $85, Medium

$90, Large                                                                $105, Large

Vegetarian                                                                Mixta - All In (Chicken, Seafood, Vegetables)

$45, Small                                                                $65, Small

$55, Medium                                                             $90, Medium

$70, Large                                                                $115, Large

** Please allow 45-50 min cooking time when ordering Take-Out. Call 905-868-9777

** From feed-back we know most customers love Paella, while the odd person does not. Rice in this dish is the main focus, with the other ingredients used as flavouring and secondary additions. The finished rice is meant to be slightly creamy but on the dryer side (as compared to risotto for example). Crispy or black bottom/edges is part of the experience of this dish. If you want Traditional (extra crispy) let us know - it's delicious!