Your Paella Menu - add Chorizo sausage, $5. Want it spicy - let us know when you order!

** Prices listed below have already been reduced to 1/2 price.

Seafood (Mussels, Shrimp, Cali, Veg)                     Chicken and Vegetables
$30.00, Small                                                            $25.00, Small
$42.50, Medium                                                         $37.50, Medium
$52.50, Large                                                            $45.00, Large

Vegetarian                                                                Mixta - All In (Chicken, Seafood, Vegetables)
$22.50, Small                                                            $32.50, Small
$27.50, Medium                                                         $45.00, Medium
$35.00, Large                                                            $57.50, Large

** What to serve with Paella to make it a complete meal for your family? If you were in Spain, you would add a mixed salad and fresh bread stick. Lobo can send you home with a small salad, $5 or family size, $9. Fresh bread stick (1 loaf) $3, (2 loaves) $5.  

Pictured five Paellas (large at front, small at the back right corner and medium at centre) in the beginning stages of preparation - next they go in the oven. Every Paella is made to order. 

Every Tuesday Lobo offers 1/2 Price Paella

Dine in or Take out!

Only at Lobo Iberico Restaurant

Tuesday's 1/2 Price Paella is a great opportunity to go a size bigger for left overs! Prices listed are for Tuesdays Only. Dine in or take out. Applicable taxes extra.

Sizes are for average appetites: Small feeds one, two or three; Medium feeds three to five; and Large feeds four to six people. 

Please allow 45 to 50 min cooking time when ordering Paella to go. Call 905-868-9777.