Pic not Lobo's black paella, a representation.

Wine Tasting & Tapas Pairings

Six (6) Wines and Six (6) Tapas Dishes. Groups Welcome. Great Date Night!

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Thursday, January 25

Thursday, February 22

Thursday, March 22

Thursday, April26


Sign up - seats go fast!

Cost $60 per person. Starts at 7 p.m.

Call 905-868-9777

December 14, Wine Tasting & Tapas
Begins at 7 pm and will feature Six Wines and Six Tapas dishes, including the “Black Paella”! $60 per person.

“Rich coloured black from the ink of squid is a specialty of the Emporda region of the Costa Brava. But the ink here does more than offer its dark colour. It also gives the rice a tight, almost tinny sea flavour as well.” - Jeff Koehler

I know what you’re thinking - ink? And from a squid? I was pretty apprehensive myself when this paella was explained to me. As with a lot of food in Spain, I often thought during my time there, “You want me to eat that??"

But let me just say, I soon learned to keep my preconceived ideas about food on the back burner and simply try it out! In most cases I feel in love with the dish and stopped resisting; my inner country girl, having grown up on a beef farm in Southern Ontario, where salt and a bit of pepper were our only ‘seasonings’, I was not in a position to judge delicious cuisine from other countries, with the sea and its magical ingredients at the back door.


That was the surprising flavour I picked up in the Black Paella vs Saffron and smoked paprika in most paellas that we are familiar with here, in Canada.


Join us for this special Wine Tasting & Tapas evening. In addition to the amazing dishes the Lobo Kitchen will create for you, we have Trent Mayors of Wine Journeys selecting and presenting the wine pairings, offering his expertise and knowledge.

It’s going to be an exciting evening (no worries if you are not familiar with wine tasting or even know what a tapas is - we keep it casual and fun!). Cheers, Trish.

Call 905-868-9777 to Reserve Your Spot
Lobo Iberico Restaurant * 17766 Leslie Street in Newmarket (north of Davis Drive and beside Al Casale Ristorante). #BlackPaella #TapasGTA 

Great Date Night or plan a Dinner with Friends!

Only $60 per person. The fun begins at 7 pm.